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Music hi I'm Ernie Zorn in this video I'm going to demonstrate basic Ohio probate forms version 8 by completing a set of forms for a small probate estate the app is up on my screen right now and what you're seeing is the main window the left side is the tree view and it outlines the process for completing the forms I'm gonna follow that outline by starting with step 1 completing the general information worksheet what you see on the right side of the display is the form window and the first form you see is the general information worksheet it's the logical place to start working because it contains much of the basic information that's repeated on all the other forms like the case number case name the decedent's name address that sort of stuff by the way although I'm starting with the general information worksheet you can display and complete any form or worksheet in any order but as you'll see later it makes sense to follow the recommended order now I've begun completing the worksheets so you can see how it's done basically you tab from field to field and make your entries you can't see it in this demonstration but normally some fields would already be completed like the attorney in the judge fields then information comes from the default file which you can customize so that every new file you start has those fields completed already it's handy and there's a YouTube video separate YouTube video about the default file check it out it's only about 5 minutes long you now that I've completed the top section of the general information worksheet I'm gonna stop and instead of having you watch me I'm gonna open a file that I've prepared that has the general information worksheet already completed and like I said that way we won't need to waste time as I complete each of the 50 or so fields on the general information worksheet alright now that it's open I'm gonna scroll down the form slowly so that you can get an idea of what type of information the worksheet contains and with that we will move on to step two which is completing the next akin worksheet you click this button up here to display the Kin worksheet and and the Kin worksheet is not only for next akin it's also where you list beneficiaries and other interested parties even insurance companies stock transfer agents or appraisers you'll notice that the surviving spouse and the applicant from the general information worksheet are transferred automatically to the Kin worksheet our example has a surviving spouse and two children and in this case because one child is Co executrix and is transferred to the worksheet automatically I only need to enter the second child which I will do right now I'll just put it in the relation after this put daughter in there okay now here's the neat part basic Ohio probate forms version eight lets you send any or all of these three individuals to any or all of the...